What Exactly Are Web Designers and Web Development?

There is a wide variety of job roles available within the role of a web designer. Web designers can work for individual websites or for larger organizations. Large companies will often hire a web designer and developer to design and develop their websites from scratch. Individuals who are considering a career in web design can learn about the different job titles and positions available.

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Website Designers/Programmers: Programmers create and manage websites. They work on web designs and digital marketing materials such as promotional websites and corporate websites. Web designers also work on web pages that promote a business.

Artists/animators/ Photographserers: Artists and photographers provide visual content for websites, advertising and digital marketing. Artists focus on providing images on web pages. They may work with a client to create an image gallery or photo book section on a site. Artists/photographers can also be hired by a client to create static images for a web page or to create digital art for web pages. Artists/photographers can work independently or be part of a design team and work together to produce a creative and high quality final product.

Graphic Designers: Those involved in creating advertisements, websites, logos, and other graphical designs write HTML or script code. Web designers use this script or HTML code to construct pages that are displayed on the internet. Web designers also write advertisements and website content that use graphics and photos. Web graphic designers may work with clients to create print and online advertising using graphic illustrations and photographs.

Multimedia Designers: These professionals design video content, animation, and audio files for online use. Multimedia designers work in-house and freelance as well. They use multimedia software to design and develop web sites, online media, and online applications such as mobile applications and web games. Web designers need to have a good eye for visual art, math, audio, graphic design, and knowledge of computer software. Multimedia designers need to have knowledge of the latest technology to ensure the best results from their work.

Internet Consultants: Internet consultants provide advice and assistance to web designers. They assist in developing client websites and help them implement new web designing strategies. Internet consultants can perform SEO (search engine optimization) work and help design software programs for web designers. The role of an internet consultant is similar to that of a graphic designer, except that web designers usually communicate with clients on a regular basis via email or phone.

Database Consultants: People who create websites interact with data from clients and integrate it into their websites through databases. Database consultants provide expert assistance in building and maintaining database structures. They can coordinate database queries, design web development plans, and test websites to ensure proper integration of information into websites. People who are not technically inclined can hire a professional to develop a site for them. Alternatively, some businesses hire professionals to develop websites and submit them to web development agencies.

HTML Coder: An HTML coder creates hypertext markup language. They are required to code for web pages to be viewed by viewers on the internet. HTML coding usually consists of tables, fonts, styles, and graphics. The main aim of an HTML coder is to code for websites so that they appear attractive and user friendly. Many companies and individuals also hire web designers and developers to create websites for them.

Web Designers: People who design web pages submit them to web development agencies where they are evaluated. The evaluation process involves determining the website’s usability and search engine rankings. The web designers work with web developers to create web pages that look professional yet simple and easy to navigate. Before designing a web page, web designers must decide upon the theme, colour scheme, and other elements. Web designers use many different elements in web pages such as background images, buttons, texts, logos, and images.

Web Development: Web developers create websites by using computer-programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A web designer will usually have knowledge about web development through his previous employment or vocational training. Once the website is complete, web developers upload it to servers using web servers. Most websites use multiple web servers. These include, e-mail servers, file servers, development servers, and database servers.

Web designers and web developers have the opportunity to work for global corporations or small businesses that need a sophisticated, customized website. Many individuals work full-time jobs and depend on internet marketing to earn supplemental income from their websites. Many web designers make their extra income through freelance jobs and by promoting products on their websites.