Website Security Audit – Protects Your Site

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An online security audit helps to identify any weaknesses in your website security. It is also used to verify the integrity of files on your server and also to determine the presence of viruses and malware on your website. A website audit includes checking the security of your website against a variety of standards such as firewalls, anti-virus applications and anti-phishing filters. It can also be performed by an external security provider. Web site auditing is designed to find out if a website has become vulnerable to the security risks posed by hackers.

Web Site Security Audits-UK are experienced in offering complete web site security audits. As a professional web security audit service they work with both small and large business clients. We provide ongoing security assessments and monitor the effectiveness of your site. We work closely with your IT team to ensure that your business continues to operate safely. In our opinion you should not have to worry about your website security for your next project.

In line with the increasing demand for Website security audits, many companies now offer the services of Website security audits. These companies have an experienced staff that is dedicated to your business and your customers. The company will identify areas of weakness and make recommendations on how to improve the security of your website. They will review the security controls on your site and advise you on what to do to strengthen them. Our online audit team offers comprehensive, confidential and timely web site security audits.

By conducting a full online security audit of your site you will not only discover areas of weakness, you may also detect potential threats to your website. By performing a full online security audit your company is able to increase the effectiveness of its security controls. If your site has become a source for potential threat or vulnerability, a site audit is a great way to fix the issues. We can also help to identify which attacks are causing the most problems so they can be prevented in the future.

Once you have determined the area of vulnerability, we can perform a Site audit to identify the main problem and then fix the issue. or identify any vulnerabilities that may exist. By using a site audit tool we can identify which vulnerabilities exist in the security controls, which can be exploited and which can be fixed. You may find that your security control does not prevent these potential attacks, however a site audit can help to identify those vulnerabilities and provide ways to correct them.

When you perform a site audit, it can help to identify any broken links or invalid file downloads from the Internet. This can allow the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block the access to your site causing more risk and allowing you to fix the problem. Also you may find that you have not implemented any security controls, however, it may be possible for another person to create these attacks so it is worth investigating. It is also useful in reducing the exposure to risk that your site presents to others.

A web security audit will give your IT team an understanding of the security controls available to you. This enables the IT team to design security controls to reduce the risk of any future attacks.

You may also identify areas where your site is not performing as expected. These areas can be used to create a more secure website.

Our web security consultants will create a report with your findings and will advise you on the changes that need to be made to your site. We can also help you identify any other areas where your security controls are not meeting industry standards.

By performing a site audit you are in control of how your site is viewed by other parties. By reducing the exposure of your website to risk you will be protecting yourself and your customers.