Web Design Services That Sell Web Design Services Should Think About SEO

You make web sites; and if you sell web design services too, you’re likely doing a fine job at that too. The trouble is, being able to create good web sites does not always mean that you can sell your web design services to others. You’re a designer, remember, not a salesman! And unless you know how to get your pages ranked well in the search engines, how are you supposed to expect to be able to charge for those services?

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This article will explain to you six tips to help you sell web design services to others. First, keep in mind that while it’s important that your clients can find your websites easily, that doesn’t mean they necessarily need to like it. What I’m talking about is making sure that your design is pleasant and unobtrusive. I mentioned earlier that some of your clients may have existing websites – you don’t want to risk having them go away just because they didn’t like the way your site looked. So be pleasant, and consider the following six tips for creating pleasant and unobtrusive websites.

Make your web design services pleasant and unobtrusive. Most people do not pay attention to the design on their websites until someone remarks on it. That’s what’s called a user experience, and what you should strive to create. Look for award-winning sites; and remember that even if your client owns an award-winning website, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s good.

Your clients might tell you they found your website through a website discovery session (also known as browser testing or “BDS”). During a website discovery session, a business person visits your website, browses through some of its pages and tries to find specific content. In web design services setting, a service can use a browser discovery session to gather data for your client in order to gather this data for your website project. This can save you time and money; however, there are some things to watch for when conducting a browser discovery session.

Many companies conduct browser testing and other forms of market research using free tools, such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing, instead of paying a professional website design services company. When these tools are conducted, many businesses mistakenly believe that their websites will be able to survive on the Web if they’re only tested by a small number of browsers. That’s a big mistake, because potential clients might not be aware that your website exists on the Internet; therefore, if the tool’s sole purpose is to identify which browsers your site is visible in, you won’t be getting very much information about your site.

Your clients may also tell you that their websites are only tested by you, when the truth is that they were tested by a third party. You should not only test your deliverables against your own personal brand in the audience segment that you’re addressing, but you should also test your branding against other brands and portfolios in the marketplace. One common way to do this is to determine if the same audience has purchased similar products or services from a competitor within the last 90 days. Another way to test your branding is through relationship development. With a well developed relationship development plan, your business can determine what types of features your potential clients will be most interested in when searching for your products and services and can build those features into your website deliverables.

Web designers that sell web design services should not forget to think about search engine optimization (SEO). The Internet is increasingly becoming the main channel of communication for consumers, and you must ensure that your websites are accessible to users who rely on search engines to find you. A great many websites fail to meet the requirements of SEO, and end up being unnecessarily banned from the major search engines. This includes web sites that are designed only to obtain a high ranking on Google. Web designers need to remember that not all websites require high search engine rankings, and there are some techniques that web designers can use to achieve both high search engine rankings and low organic traffic.

Finally, web design services that sell web design services should also think about how to get your website noticed from the audience that will be visiting your site. For example, what kinds of visuals make your site more appealing? What kinds of incentives can you offer your audience that will make them want to stay longer and return to your website? The answers that you get from your research will depend largely on the target audience for your site, and their familiarity with search engines and different web design formats. It may be worth consulting a professional designer to figure out exactly how to incorporate these different techniques in your deliverables.