The Best Way to Do a WordPress Security Audit

The importance of a WordPress Security Audit should not be underestimated at all. Your web site is at more risk than you may think. It’s not just the obvious things that your site could get hacked into by hackers but there are many less obvious mistakes that could get your site hacked.

For instance one of the most common mistakes made by beginners when using WordPress is using the default settings. You don’t have to do anything but that, but there’s no need to use it. There are other ways to protect your site from hackers. In fact, the best way is to use a different version of WordPress then what you’re using now. That way you will have a completely different configuration and security settings.

If you have a very popular theme then you may wish to consider trying to upgrade it with a new WordPress security audit. This could be done by yourself using a copy of WordPress then doing it again and checking for any new files that may have been created during the upgrade process.

Many people who use WordPress tend to use the default settings for all of the time without even thinking about security. But this is one of the main ways that hackers get into your site. There are many plugins available that will help you use the default settings more safely and effectively.

One of the things that can affect your WordPress security is if your are using a shared hosting account. Shared hosting accounts are more susceptible to hackers since there is no central database.

All of your sites are hosted on this host. Therefore, if anyone can get hold of the login details, they can access your site and do anything that they like. If you’re using a shared host, then you should try to change these settings to have your password locked down and you also want to make sure that nobody else has that account because that would be another easy way for hackers to access your site.

If you want to use a password change software, you can find that WordPress allows you to change all of the default password settings on your site. This means that you will have a completely different set up than everyone else on the network so it would be hard for someone else to get to your site.

There are many other things that you can do to improve your WordPress security including using a few minutes of your time each day. So make sure you take a look around at the settings and plugins to see if there are any that might be causing problems.

Don’t overlook the possibility of getting a few free ones from the web. You may find that WordPress isn’t the problem, but that your hosting service may.

You may find that your hosting company offers domain names and you don’t know that you need to change it. To check this, just type in your domain name and if there are any problems then make sure to check them out and change them so that your website looks professional.

The next thing that you should consider is that if you have a domain name that is important that it is a good idea to secure it as much as possible. By using a free domain guard you can make sure that if someone steals your domain, they won’t be able to do any damage.

Make sure to use a few free domain guards and you can protect your site with ease. You should make sure that they are not connected to other sites, too so that people cannot access your site and cause havoc for you.