Should You Use the White Hat Or Black Hat Method When Performing an Online Security Audit of Your WordPress Site?

Are you trying to get your WordPress security audit in order and need some tips? Read on to find out more…

It is common practice for webmasters to go into the WordPress administration area and perform an initial security audit without understanding exactly what to do in order to achieve this. So what happens if you discover that the site has indeed been hacked?

Do you consider a red hat technique for your initial security audit or the more serious white hat technique? If you already have a security review done then you may already have a free SEO tool that you can use on your website. If not then perhaps you can also offer a free white hat service to your clientele, which will give your brand a good online audit and branding with a free white hat review service.

A white hat technique is an additional layer of protection for your brand, however this layer of protection can be somewhat more expensive than just performing a simple security review of the WordPress administration area. If this is going to be your primary form of protection and you need it for your business then it is certainly worth considering the white hat technique.

One of the biggest advantages of white hat services is that they offer a completely separate approach to website monitoring. When you go into the WordPress administration area, you could potentially run into many issues such as broken links and outdated content that can be caused by poor internal maintenance or even a lack of knowledge.

However, if you carry out a white hat service you will discover that the process is a lot easier as you have a dedicated team that will monitor your site regularly. This team can be as simple as one person or as complex as a whole team that is fully dedicated to keeping your WordPress site up to date and secure.

The benefits are enormous when it comes to choosing the white hat services. Not only are you able to protect your brand, you also get the added benefit of an audit, white hat reviews and a full security review for your website.

So, should you consider using the white hat technique when performing an initial WordPress security audit? Hopefully this article has given you some valuable insight to the topic and helped to provide a valuable insight to the benefits of using white hat techniques when conducting an online audit.

When performing an initial WordPress audit, it can be extremely difficult to identify all of the possible problems that may have been overlooked before the audit began. For example, many companies mistakenly overlook the fact that their FTP system has a security hole that enables hackers to gain access to the admin area and upload files.

However, you may have overlooked this important issue and the company may not have noticed. While this can cause problems during your WordPress security audit, it does not pose a problem if you are careful and follow the steps recommended in our comprehensive report that are listed below.

Before performing any further research into any aspect of your security audit, you need to ensure that you have taken appropriate steps to ensure that you have fully completed the assessment phase of the audit. You should check to make sure that you have checked every file that is accessible to your team for further inspection and have verified that all of these files are fully backed up.

Once you have performed your check, you should also review your reports that are generated by the security team to ensure that you have reviewed all important documents that relate to the audit. Any changes that were made that are not compliant with the guidelines should also be reviewed and any recommendations made that you believe are incorrect should be fixed before any changes are made.

In addition to the white hat method of conducting an audit, you may want to consider using a third party service or specialist, for example a consultant that specializes in white hat techniques for your particular needs. These people will carry out a thorough assessment for you based on the information that is provided by your initial report.