Key Points About WordPress Maintenance

While WordPress is still one of the most popular CMS out there, there are so many ways you can go wrong when managing your site and your blog. The fact is that your blog is probably your best asset as a business and in some cases, it is your most valuable asset. This is why you need to make sure that you take your blog for what it is worth and give it the attention it needs and deserves.

A typical WordPress maintenance session includes a few things and it is not always mandatory for all bloggers to do. Here is a look at a few of the most common WordPress maintenance tasks you will be doing.

The first thing you will want to do as part of your WordPress maintenance routine is back up your entire blog. While this may seem like an extra step for your blog, it is actually the first step towards a better hosting solution. At the very least, you will have a copy of your site for you to use if anything were to happen to your hosting provider.

Keeping a regular backup is an important part of good WordPress blog maintenance. Whether you just have a snapshot or you even start to add videos and images to your blog, having an idea of what’s in your blog and where it’s located is essential.

In order to ensure that you’re not missing anything out, it is important to keep your WordPress site in sync with your blog. There are tools out there that can help with this. You can use tools such as the WP Cron to automatically schedule your posts to appear.

One of the major factors in a WordPress blog is how the categories are set up. Many times you will notice that you’re writing a post, but you still don’t know if the post should be posted under a specific category or not. Having a list of categories helps you make this decision for yourself and your readers.

The first option available is the popular option of using categories but there are some that don’t like the idea of having to use categories. If you like categories, you can set up your own.

Multiple tags are another thing that you can do in order to help you out with your WordPress maintenance. Tags allow you to group posts into different categories based on what they are about.

A very popular way to classify a post is by the subject line of the post itself. This is important because it gives your readers a feel for what the post is about and it also gives them a better way to search for what they are looking for.

Google Auto-Suggest has made quite the impact on many people in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). It is now possible to automatically classify a post by its title and by the theme of the post itself.

Every page title and every post title are different and it should be. When you are creating your blog, you should consider your readers and what they are looking for and incorporate the title that relates to them.

These are the main themes you can take into consideration when you are thinking about how to keep your WordPress blog up to date. Keep these as guidelines but remember that you should never do anything that will hurt your blog or your reputation as a business by default.