How Website Packages Work

There are many benefits that come with website packages. A package is a series of services that you receive when you sign up for them. The most popular packages include: domain name registration, domain name hosting, e-mail hosting, online storage, e-commerce, etc.

Domain Name Registration – You can register a domain name online and it will be your website address. You will be able to have a website up and running in no time. There are three types of domain names. The three types are:

.com, .net, .org, .gov, .edu You should know what type of domain name you would like before signing up for a package. You can then choose which domain name you want to register.

Website Hosting – The server where your website is stored will also serve as the location for all of your pages. You will be able to manage your website’s online and have them published on any website or file sharing site that you choose. The sites can be served from many different servers including shared servers, dedicated servers, DNS and/or POP.

Online Storage – You can store any amount of data on your website using the various ways that the storage is stored. The most common forms of online storage are:

Online Files – This includes text, images, audio, video, PDFs, etc. When you download an audio or video file, the entire file needs to be downloaded into the website. It is best to purchase a fast server to get your online files to work properly.

E-Mail Hosting – The e-mail is used to send newsletters and updates about the site. It is essential to have a high-speed e-mail server to send out e-mails quickly. You can also opt to use a hosted e-mail server if you have a website and do not have a server of your own.

Storage – If you only need a small amount of space on your website for a one time event, you may not need the higher end options but you can still benefit from the lower cost, lower space saving servers. This option is known as basic service. It is often offered at low cost or free with some website packages.

Web Storage – These are areas for files to be stored in. There are many sites that you can put files into and this is commonly known as web storage. Websites such as:

Web Based Email Hosting – Some of the more advanced website packages are web based email hosting. You will need a personal e-mail account for all of your sites. You can also use your personal address book to make the most of these packages.

E-Commerce – Many websites have the ability to use web-based commerce. This will allow you to have your own shopping cart on your website that will allow you to make purchases right from your website.

Website Hosting – This is where your website is stored. You should also decide what type of package you want before signing up for a package.