How a New Website Design From a SEO Specialist Can Help You Get Your Website Noticed

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How a New Website Design From a SEO Specialist Can Help You Get Your Website Noticed

If you are looking for a web designer near me then you are off to a great start. We live in the age where the internet is almost second only to telephones as a form of communication. So, when someone has an idea for a website they tend to want to talk about it and get others to help them create the site. Some people hire other web designers and some people do it themselves.

But whatever method you choose there are mistakes you should avoid at all costs. The following is a list of the top 4 web designers near me that I would not hire (and there were many more I did not recognise). The first mistake they made was charging too much for the services they offered. No matter how good your website design is there is no point in hiring someone if they are charging more than you can afford.

The second mistake is that they did not provide quality work. There are a lot of people who want a cheap website design. And when they see what quality they can achieve they will go and hire a cheap designer instead of one who charges more. Unfortunately this means that the quality of the work is below standard which will reflect badly on your business reputation. That is not something you want to happen, especially in a competitive business climate.

The third mistake they made was that they did not have any experience in website design at all. I know a lot of people who have created fantastic websites. But, none of them have ever created a website from scratch. So you can imagine how many people think they know what they are doing but in fact they are totally inexperienced and have been doing this for years. This is a big mistake and can put you at a serious disadvantage when it comes to competing with other businesses in your area.

The final mistake they made was that they found a web designer near me who was relatively cheaper than others in the area. But, they did not see any of the work they had done online or asked for any of the cost savings. You should aim to negotiate a price with your local web designer. In some areas you can get a good deal on the cost of the website design by asking for some discounts. Some web designers may be willing to offer discounts to keep your business as a client.

The fifth mistake they made was that they hired someone who had not used a word press platform before. The result of this was that they were unable to change the design to suit their needs. It can be tempting to use word press if you are new to website design, but this is only going to make you look amateur. You should be using something like WordPress, if you are going to be using a word press website for your customers. This way you can concentrate on creating a quality website design instead of trying to do too much with a little bit of word press.

The final web designer near me made a series of other mistakes. They had not arranged to have their website designs sent to them before dispatch. They did not ask for any price protection and did not include h2h marketing in their package.

I have given you five mistakes they made which are common among many web designers. Remember to keep h2h marketing out of your package unless you want to pay extra for it later on. You need to find a SEO specialist who will give you an affordable package which includes SEO, content and design. You can easily hire a local SEO specialist who has been trained in all of the latest SEO techniques. These web design mistakes will not prevent you from getting your new website design from a great SEO expert but will ensure that you choose the right SEO company when you hire a web designer near you.