Features Of Joomla Websites

People from around the world come to know about Joomla through internet. It is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) for website development. The website developer can easily make his website in this system.

Developers use this system for developing website. It has many features which can be customized by the developer. Some of the things are mentioned below. These features are used to develop the website.

Creating a website is the main task of any developer. This system is the easiest way to build websites. It provides easy ways to create a website. It is ideal for beginners. So the developers use this system for their websites.

Contact Forms. Contact Forms used by Joomla developers. They keep adding new fields for building and sending e-mails to the users. The new fields help the users to do the basic things on their website without the help of their computer.

Home Page. Home Page of a website is using to add a link to the user. A particular page of a website has links to other pages. It makes the whole process easier for the user.

Navigation. It helps the user to find his way through the entire website. There are different ways to navigate through the website. It is a very useful feature of Joomla.

Video. Video files are used for making and saving video. It is an awesome feature of Joomla. It helps the users to watch their videos online. It gives them a better experience.

File transfer. It gives a facility of transferring files from one computer to another. When files are transferred, Joomla works as the server. Users download the files from the server and save them on their computer. It is very much efficient system for the user.

Theme. This system provides a variety of themes. They have a variety of colours for the theme. So the developer can have an innovative design for his website. The colour scheme of the website can be chosen from the library.

Email. Most of the developers can send their emails to the clients. It has the facility of sending out mails to the clients. So the development of emails becomes very easy. All the activities are managed by Joomla.

Media. Media include all the visual elements like graphics, videos, animations etc. It is one of the important features of Joomla. Media are used to create a pleasing and interesting to look for the website. When the developer selects the right media, the Joomla software uses it for creating a professional look.

Page Loading Speed. Joomla is one of the best systems, which helps to keep the page loading speed up. The page loading speed becomes faster when the developers use this system.