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Regardless of the level of online presence your business has, or the volume of visitors your site is generating, all Chicago SEO services start with a comprehensive study of your business s web site, based on the criteria set forth by the largest search engine in the world: Google! When SEO professionals analyze your site, they do so from the viewpoint of the end-users: a real life, flesh and bone person. This means that they are looking for content, backlinks, usability, and the like, rather than some vague generalized idea of “more content”. In other words, they are looking at your web site as if you were a user yourself, seeking out specific information. If a search engine cannot tell the difference between your web site and hundreds of other sites of that type, it makes little sense to pay Chicago SEO companies for a custom approach.

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What this means for Chicago SEO is simple: don’t try to fool Google! While many SEO consultants, marketing departments, and even entire companies make it their business to get as many on-site and off-site keywords into your site as possible, this is largely unnecessary and serves only to confuse ranking. To understand why, let’s take a look at how Google ranks web pages.

Google wants a web page to “show up” in its results for a particular keyword. This means that a given word or phrase must appear at least four times on any given page. That is the basic rule that governs how Chicago SEO works. Basically, when pages are optimized according to the standards laid down by Google, Chicago SEO firms can claim any number of keywords that will actually work in getting your website ranked higher.

As with any good Chicago SEO company, they provide their clients with a full range of services designed to optimize your site and its pages so you get high rankings with the major search engines. For example, many of them offer website maintenance and optimization services. With website maintenance and optimization, you can expect to get back links to your site and you can expect to see your rankings rise in the search engines.

Of course, these are not the only things that they offer, but if you’re looking for some Chicago SEO consulting services in this area, you can also expect to get free keyword strategies from them, which can help you learn what words people are using to find your products or services in your particular market area. A good Chicago SEO company knows how important it is to target specific keywords. However, the reality is that most people do not want to read articles on a subject that does not interest them. By offering free website development, online advertising, and social media marketing, they can help you increase your traffic and your rankings in the search engines.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with content strategy, you might think that search engine optimization and Chicago SEO are the same thing. However, the truth is that content strategy refers to your overall web presence and how you position yourself within the larger search engine landscape. If you have a website with good content, but no way to get ranked in the top 10 for your selected key term, you will not get much traffic. By offering Chicago SEO consultancy services, you can hire someone who has experience in creating successful websites that get top rankings but without being too hard on the content.

A good company also offers integrated optimization solutions, which means that your website will rank higher for certain keywords and not for others. The keywords in your content should actually work for you, but it can be frustrating when a consultant suggests that you change keywords because they are working for someone else. Content strategy consultants know that your website rankings will improve dramatically if you incorporate the right keywords into your copy. You just have to listen to them more closely.

One last thing that a great consultant can do for your business is link building. Link building is vital to ranking high in search engine results, especially since most of your visitors will be coming from social media websites. Link building strategies from a good Chicago SEO firm can help you make the most of social media websites and also help your business website to rank higher for your chosen key terms.