A Word of Caution

WordPress security audit is a method by which any person can determine if the way they have protected their website is working effectively. In this method, the administrator would first look at the WordPress security audit report. These reports will tell about various kinds of vulnerabilities which have been fixed and various other things that could be found there.

Once a user receives a WordPress security audit report, he/she will be able to see all the vulnerabilities found on his/her website. However, in order for the users to fully understand what was done in order to fix the flaws in the website, the first step has to be taken is by downloading the report. This will help the user analyze the vulnerabilities found and provide his/her with the solution on how to prevent it from occurring again.

When a website user does not know anything about security, he/she may not even notice that some important data was hacked. In this case, a user can still take certain measures to make sure that no other information is also stolen by hackers.

For instance, the password of an employee is stored in the company’s database. After accessing this data, a hacker can use this password to access other sites where sensitive information can be found. So, a password for an employee should be changed immediately if there is not already one.

The WordPress plugins or themes may also be a target of hackers who try to get the sensitive information of the website owner. For example, a website owner may try to install a plug-in for an SEO purpose. Although the plugin may be really useful, but it is also sensitive information which could be used by hackers.

A WordPress security audit report will help a website owner discover any WordPress security issues. Such an audit report will help a website owner gets all the data he/she needs to fix the website. For example, the report will include the IP address of the hacker who actually hacked the website.

The attacker may be a hacker known as a white hat hacker. A hacker who is a white hat will report vulnerabilities to the WordPress team rather than hacking a website to gain access to other websites. White hat hackers are usually very good and a website owner should not expose them if he/she has proper measures to make sure he/she does not get hacked.

There is a simple fact that hackers can hack the website as well. Some websites that do not have secure web applications will be vulnerable to hackers. For example, a website may be hacked if the administrator of the website knows little about WordPress and does not follow any guidelines while using the website. The hacker will only need one single page for that.

A website owner should think twice before installing a WordPress package unless he/she is aware of the website. In order to avoid such situations, he/she should use the remote file upload feature to change the settings on the website.

Most website owners are not aware of how easy it is to install WordPress by changing a single configuration file. If a website owner does not know this feature, he/she should be more cautious when installing plugins. They should also change the settings in the settings.php file or any other configurable files.

If any webmaster receives a report from a hacker and it is already fixed, the report can also be viewed. A report will be provided to the website owner if it was fixed or not. However, it would still be best if a website owner would do a back up first.

Back-up website is very important especially if the database is the site’s most sensitive part. If the back-up is not present, hackers can get access to the database and steal the sensitive information. It would be best to keep all the sensitive information on a secured server.