6 Tips to Become a WordPress Plugin Developer

If you want to become a WordPress Plugin Developer, you will first need to start from scratch and learn the various concepts around WordPress. While there are thousands of free plugins available for download in the WordPress Plugin Directory, you might have to develop your own plugin for providing different functionality to your WordPress website. You can easily source professional WordPress plugin developers for hire on Upwork from these three simple steps:

wordpress plugin developer

A. Create a project description for your WordPress plugin. Your project description should include what theme or keywords you intend to focus on, the basic concept of what you are planning to do in your plugin and what purpose it serves. By creating this short yet very detailed project description, you will be able to attract potential WordPress plugin developers.

B. Draw attention to your existing plugins. The more popular and quality plugins that you have in your portfolio will draw attention of other WordPress users which will help you increase your chance to get hired by a reputed WordPress plugin developer.

C. Make yourself visible in various online communities. There are several online communities such as WordPress themes hub and WordPress forums wherein many WordPress users will frequent. By participating regularly in such online forums and sharing your knowledge, you will be in a better position to popularize and showcase your existing plugins and other services. If possible, you can also create your own network for promoting your custom plugin.

D. Showcase your existing and other high quality plugins on various online community platforms. There are several platforms such as Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and several others that allow users to share and download various WordPress plugins. You can easily share your quality content with the public through these platforms thereby making yourself more visible as a WordPress plugin developer. This will help you to enhance your chances of getting hired by an ideal WordPress plugin developer.

E. Maintain a good communication and relationship with your core team members. Developing quality plugins takes plenty of effort and time. Therefore, your team should be composed of highly skilled WordPress plugin developers who possess all the necessary skills to deliver high quality WordPress plugins. Your team should also be comprised of knowledgeable people who can guide you whenever there are problems regarding your plugin development.

F. Work on a timely basis. You need to deliver great results at all times otherwise you will lose your opportunity to make money through the sale of your custom made WordPress plugins. It is imperative for plugin developers to work efficiently and effectively so that you can maximize the revenues that come from your products or services. Therefore, you must give them proper time and ample amount of time so that they can complete their tasks efficiently.

G. Be organized. All WordPress developers have their own way of working. They use their own preferred methodologies for writing the plugin code. For this reason, it is very important for you to stay organized so that you can always get hold of your WordPress plugin whenever you need it. If you want your plugin to function smoothly, then make sure you are able to read its plugin code and follow the instructions carefully.

H. Be a team player. As a plugin developer, you need to show your commitment in your work by being a team player and helping fellow developers work on their tasks. By contributing your skill and knowledge, you can increase your chance of getting hired by a well-known web development company so that your skills can get into the real world and help them get their desired market success.

I. Make your functionality crystal clear. WordPress offers plenty of plugins and you should make yours shine so that it can attract more users. However, do not forget to include all the functionality that your website or blog may have to offer so that customers are ensured that their existing plugins can be fully used. If there are any flaws in your plugin that needs to be corrected, do not hesitate to make it available for other developers to enhance.

J. Be an active contributor. WordPress has many functions that you can use as a developer but you still need to make yours shine so that it can be easily added to the next version of WordPress. You can start by submitting your plugin to the WordPress core repository so that it can be reviewed and approved. Then you can begin testing it on the live environment so that you can ensure that your changes and improvements will work. If you find any problem with your plugin, address the issue right away so that there will be no confusion later on.