5 Things You Should Ask Your Potential WordPress Plugin Developer

So how do you hire a WordPress plugin designer? You can always source WordPress plugin designer talent from various freelancing websites like Elance, oDesk, Freelancer etc. by following these three simple steps: Write a project proposal. You will want to identify your overall budget, scope of work, and your specific requirements and expectations from a WordPress designer. Then post it on Elance, oDesk or Freelancer.

Choose the one that has good experience. There are several different types of designers. You need to choose a WordPress plugin developer that has good knowledge about the latest WordPress plugins. He should be knowledgeable about the most popular plugins used today. His experiences should also show that he knows the ins-and-outs of these popular plugins.

Review the list of WordPress plugins available and their prices. Try to narrow down the list to two or three plugins. You will then go through the price list and identify those that fit your stipulation. Some WordPress plugins offer free updates, but their prices may be very high. You need to research about these popular plugins and review their prices to know which ones would be suitable for you.

Now, you need to check out the specific requirements of your project. Identify if your project is an application or a website. A WordPress plugin developer might help with both if his expertise lies in the field of applications. If you need your plugin to be web-based, you should ask for an existing website. The developer should have the knowledge about how to translate your existing website into the new language. He can also help with other WordPress plugins like a sitemap.

Another thing you should ask from your total WordPress plugin programmer is whether the product has readymade design templates or if you will have to create them. This may not sound important at the beginning, but you should consider the fact that different people with different skill sets have different ideas about what WordPress plugins look like. Your developer should be able to modify the existing design templates to your liking. Otherwise, he might not be able to sell you the particular product you need.

The third thing you should ask from your developer is whether he can provide you with blackbox plugin support or not. Blackbox plugin is the kind of plugin that enables the user to install additional functionality by changing certain setting in the code. It is basically used for malicious purposes. There are several WordPress themes developers, but not all of them provide blackbox plugin support. Make sure you select a developer who can provide you with this kind of support.

The fourth thing you should ask from your developer is whether he will help you in debugging any WordPress plugins that you might require in the future. You cannot just let a faulty plugin run on your next version. You should have it fixed as soon as possible because there are several security flaws cropping up in various WordPress plugins. A developer should be able to debug any problem that may arise in any plugin. Also, he should have knowledge about global variables and global paths.

Last but not least, you should enquire whether the person who is planning to join the organization is fully- knowledgeable about WordPress. Not everyone who is passionate about WordPress can be an effective WordPress plugin developer. Remember, one of the major advantages of having WordPress as your CMS is that you don’t have to write any codes in PHP. That’s why it’s always advisable to hire a developer who is already skilled in the field of PHP programming. This will ensure that you do not have to face any problems while debugging existing plugins on your website.